Banano.Win! Gambler's Wallet

You wanna gamble with your banano, but don't feel like making an account? making a separate wallet? transferring funds back and forth? and remembering where you went? Well we've got the solution for you friend!


1. Send Some Banano!

Send any amount of banano OVER 10 and BELOW 500 to the banano address above!

2. Wait 5-60 seconds

Have a beer and wait for a few seconds

3. Get Banano Back!

You will get returned as much as 50% more than what you sent, 50% less than what you sent, or anything in between!

For example, if you send 100 Banano then get ready because you can get back as much as 150 Banano or as little as 50 Banano, but no matter what you win something every time!

Recent Results!

Don't trust the results?
Check the block explorer for more proof Here!

Sorry, the recent results grabber is down at the moment :( but you can still see results on the blockchain explorer here!

Indentify Yourself!

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